Another Peak - Everest is Not the Only Summit

Another Peak - Everest is Not the Only Summit

Another Peak follows Icefall to share the journey to find a new Everest in life.

Reaching Everest was always the dream, but after an avalanche stopped Alex the first time and an earthquake the second, he had to take a step back. But even as he climbed down, he couldn’t stop wondering ‘What’s next?’

A restlessness in his bones, and a need to help make things better after the lives claimed in his two climbs, led Alex to his hardest mission yet: ClimbTheUK; to cycle to the highest points of the United Kingdom.

But a history of anxiety, depression, and eating disorders rears its multiple heads once more, making this the hardest thing Alex has ever had to do. Finding himself alone too often, with only his thoughts for company, it becomes less of a fight of man and nature and more of man and mind.


“A remarkable story told with grit and honesty” – Mark Beaumont, Record-Breaking Athlete and Broadcaster

“Alex’s courage and never-say-die attitude shine through in this book. Even when he was at the limits of his physical endurance, he found the strength to carry on. Read his story. Feel inspired. Do something amazing” – Chrissie Wellington OBE, British Triathlete and four-time Ironman World Champion